About us

The non-profit organization Harju Public Transport Centre (MTÜ Harjumaa Ühistranspordikeskus) as public transport authority has been in charge of organizing public transport in Harju county since the beginning of 2005. The organization was founded by 25 local governments in Harju county and, acting as the state's representative, the Harju County Government. The foundation meeting took place on 28 September 2004.

Harju Public Transport Centre is located on Roosikrantsi 12 in Tallinn. Nine people work at the centre: the managing director, office manager/director's assistant, information specialist, and specialists in development, finance, passenger transport, infrastructure and route management and supervision, respectively.

The aim of Harju Public Transport Centre is the organizing as a whole of public transport in Harju county with the aim of raising the quality of public transport services and ensure more favorable service for inhabitants of the county. The basis for this is an optimum network of routes, coordinated schedules and a unified fare system.